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San Francisco Practitioners


Depth psychotherapy is a process of uncovering unconscious conflicts that affect our lives in ways that are usually deeply hidden from our waking consciousness. This process is skillfully facilitated by the talented B-Awake affiliates from the magical city of San Francisco...


Los Angeles Practitioners


Getting in touch with one’s inner potentials and strengths is a rewarding process that requires one to look deep within one’s soul and face known and unknown conflicts. Consulting with an experienced health practitioner is of great help on well-being path. B-Awake Los Angeles provides quality psychotherapy and energy health sessions. Dr. Erin Kuntze and Dr. Slobodan Nesovic are available for consultation, psychotherapy and life coaching sessions.

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Making the Unconscious Conscious

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The B-Awake is a depth psychology and a psychospiritual wellness network with whole person approach to healing.

Message from the B-Awake founder Dr. Slobodan: "Currently, B-Awake is going through a transition and is reaching out to selected professionals in the field to mutually co-create B-Awake into a stellar network with multimedia content. For now, please visit our affiliated practitioners profile pages to find a B-Awake affiliated professional in  Los Angeles and San Francisco" (Slobodan Nesovic, Psy.D.).

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Psychotherapists approach their clients in various ways that are rooted in specific theories and practice. On Psychologies page you can read about basic orientations that are used by the B-Awake affiliates. These are brief explanations of major theoretical models in depth psychology, such as Psychoanalysis and Existential Psychology. One does not need to know anything about any theory to benefit from psychotherapy. However, if you are curious, please read articles written by our affiliates to find out more. 



B-Awake resources page will eventually include variety of information about the therapy process, awakening of the psyche, and living a balanced life. The resources will include ART section, where B-Awake art affiliates will have their own pages to post latest art, music and poetry. Also, in B-Awake Library one could find some of the published articles from B-Awake affiliates. Last but not least, each city has some quality resources when it comes to mental health needs, such as community mental health clinics, half way houses, recovery centers, Veteran’s centers, homeless half way houses, ...


B-Awake Network

Making the Unconscious Conscious

"Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life, and you will call it fate." 

                                                                                                                                   - C.G.Jung


Featured Therapist


Dr. Benjamin Tong has maintained for many years a longstanding interest in mind-body health, cross-cultural studies and critical social inquiry.  One of the original group of faculty and students who shut down San Francisco State University in the late 1960s in order to demand creation of the first university-level ethnic studies program.

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Assisting people to awaken inner potentials and become as conscious as possible in the here and now.

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